Thursday, January 11, 2007


I walk a lot in Israel. One reason I feel no need for a car. It would render me a suburbanite again: driving to the market, to friends, etc. The best exercise and the best way to feel the city. Yesterday I walked around Talpiyot, today around Katamon. Just to be a part of things. My Hebrew's improving, slowly but surely. A bit less afraid to inflict it on others, a bit more able to express myself. Today I had my first downer conversation with a friend from the states who returned here after several years in the USA. He seems unresolved about Israel: wonders about its viability and survival and reluctant at best to commit to it and risk going down with the ship. He'd as soon leave. Wonder how many feel that way. I restrained myself feeling how inappropriate it is for me to lecture him on his Zionist obligations. Only an American Zionist would be so stupid.

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