Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm a crab

As usual my wife figured me out before or right alongside of me: she said something to the effect that I'm not so happy we're all here together. Usually I'm here alone, hanging out with friends and doing my thing. Now I have to share Israel with them, and myself with them. Right on target. But that seems to be abating now, as we get into a routine. Leon and I discussed our presentation this week; we both feel the frustration of sounding like someone not quite us in a foreign language. I don't feel ready to give a full frontal talk in Hebrew, though I know that trying is part of the battle though I'm not certain how much. I'm shooting for the March presentation to wow them with flawless nouns and verbs if not adjectives and adverbs.


Rebetzinmilon said...

YOU are a crab!! I love reading these but when are you going to write about the REAL Israel....enough of the joy and happiness....Keep at that Hebrew-- E and G will outpace you fast!

davidbstarr said...

so true. more to come