Monday, January 15, 2007


The no-weekend thing here's annoying to us spoiled Americans; we must make do with Fridays which gets tied up with Shabbat. Went to the new school for E; felt the stress of "will they make me go to the municipality?" Told me to return Sunday. Fell asleep and woke up just in time to make dinner, as the guest of DG and family. Lovely people; nice guests also here on sabbatical. I felt at home. Missed my family; as usual the first day or so aloneness feels like a relief then loneliness sets in. I guess without them I'd be miserable being with people dramatically happier than I. Went to the S's newish minyan--nice but froze my butt off in an underheated matnas gymnasium. Lunched at Yehuda's--more good chow including cholent with bones!!! and pupiks au vin. Quite haute cuisine. I made a playdate with Nehara. Good conversation featuring Orthodox mendacity: one of my favorite lashon hara topics. Saturday night with the Friedmans. Here's what I love about this country: I call her and she says "where were you on Shabbat? I expected you to come by." I muttered something to the effect that I didn't want to become a pest, which she dismissed as probably untrue and certainly irrelevant. People visit here, spontaneously and casually. Sounds like community to me.

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