Thursday, January 11, 2007


Lots of good energy there: met with two folks, one an educational researcher and the other a philosophy/text/lit person. How to unzip knowledge of teachers; train them to get the narrative and create public knowledge shared by professionals. It's lonely being an expert sometimes. And create too little "case knowledge" to share. I realize I'm a Kantian about this project: I created Me'ah in my image; Me'ah created me. And that's what this project will be too: an act of self-reflection and reflection on the Other, and an act of self-re-creation and re-creation of the program which in turn will re-create me. There's a mouthful.


Steven said...

It is great to see the self reflection arising from your journey.
I love reading your blog.
Good shabbos.

davidbstarr said...

thank you to our friends in Diaspora for reading me