Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An End to Cold Showers

Can you believe it--I may have been turning the faucet in the wrong direction. Enjoyed my first hot one this morning. So now all feels right with the world, hygienacly and otherwise. Have some food in the fridge, money in the new bank account. The small pleasures. Today at K discovered the bureacracy of Israel: only one person can register E--only that one person, trained in theoretical physics of course for this high-level work. It'll have to wait till tomorrow when she'll be there.
Did I mention I shopped at some store the name of which I still cannot remember, on Derekh Hevron. The basics: not even fleish.

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GEORGE said...

Hello David- Glad you sorted your faucets and cleaned up!! Am en route to Boston in a few days and am sorry will miss you tho' I trust we will meet up in travels this year! Either in UK or Israel.

Best from all of us-
George, Maruska, Nathaniel and Kiri