Monday, January 29, 2007

"May I Go to B'nei Akiva?"

So said G after her FIRST DAY at Rebbetzin Milon's alma mater!!! I think she competed with her little sister, who made lots of playmates just in the first few days. So number one child went off to school with nary a complaint, and got right into the swing of things. We picked her up after school, wondering what we'd find and there she was on the curb looking like any normal young teenager among her peers. All seem like nice girls. And number one daughter asked us, per her new friend's invitation, "May I go to B'nai Akiva tomorrow after school?" A young frummock ideologue in training? I think not. We (old lady and old man) trailed behind the pack as it wound through Rehavia into Katamon, like the scene where the townspeople trail Michael Corleone and his intended on their first date in Sicily. That made two new walks home all the way from Rehavia to the Colony to Baka to home in one day, in the morning wife and I hit one of the little bakeries that provide the caloric energy that make such nice tiyyulim possible and necessary.

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